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Ready, Set . . . File for Bankruptcy?

7th December

New clients frequently ask, “How soon can I file my bankruptcy?”  Practically speaking, it is possible to file a bankruptcy case very quickly.  But unless there is a real emergency, such as an upcoming foreclosure sale, it usually makes sense to take a more deliberate approach.  I utilize a three-step approach to the preparation and filing of a bankruptcy case.

I typically meet with my clients at least three times before the bankruptcy case is filed.  While this may seem like a significant time commitment, these meetings provide valuable opportunities to get to know each client’s case.  As a result, I am able to build strong relationships with my clients, provide personalized legal advice, and identify issues to resolve at the outset of the bankruptcy case.

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Wichita, Kansas Bankruptcy Trends in 2012

27th November

Clients filing bankruptcy ask lots of questions, and that is a good thing. Many times, I am the first attorney my clients have ever met with, so it is important that I assess their situation thoroughly and give honest and complete answers to their questions. This helps me establish credibility and a relationship with my clients. Plus, it gives my clients a sense of comfort knowing their questions have been considered and answered thoughtfully.

However, communicating with my clients is not a one-way street. As I meet with people and help them prepare for a bankruptcy filing, I listen to what they have to say. Interestingly, it often provides me with insight into what my clients are experiencing in their daily lives and what led them to my office.

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Ready, Set . . . File for Bankruptcy?

New clients frequently ask, “How soon can I file my bankruptcy?”  Practically speaking, it is possible to file a bankruptcy case very...

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